Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You All~

As the hunt comes to a close I want to thank all the store owners that took part in the hunt, you made a lot of folks happy with the items you gave out and thank you to the hunters that took part in the hunt, i hope you enjoyed all the prizes and found some new stores you like.

It was fun setting up the hunt and we may do it again sometime down the line, only time will tell but it was a blast and hope everyone enjoyed it, again Thank You


Sunday, December 1, 2013

The List~

Here is the list of stores in order for the hunt with LM, hits will be included with those that gave them~

1. Darkfaith Designs  -Follow the Purple Pawprints to find the store, this one has 3 items make sure to double check

2. Everglad~Forest of Mods~  Has been dropped from hunt, move on to #3

3. Pitterpaws  -Follow the Yellow Pawprints to find the store

4. Tw@tty C@ke

5. Sensual Tails Designs  -Follow the Pink Pawprints to find the store, this one has 2 items, look hard

6. Apricot Paws

7. Hello Grymmy

8. ~*SugarFluff*~   Hint- Mmmn nice and fluffy!

9. Ritz

10. Madcat Creations Hint-Up and Behind

11. Double Tails  -Follow the Red Pawprints to find the store

Here is the group that is free to join if you have any questions Pawprint in the Snow Hunt

Edit: There was a mix up for #7, its supposed to be Hello Grymmy. It has been updated now

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shops in the Hunt~

Shops so far in the hunt are

Madcat Creations
Dark Faith Designs
EverGlade~Forest of Mods~
Tw@tty C@ke
Apricot Paws

This list will update as more stores join

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Looking for Shops~

We are looking for shops to join our Paw Prints in the Snow Hunt for secondlife.
Paw Prints in the Snow is a furry based hunt that anyone can join but is centered around items for furries.Any store may join the hunt as long as they meet the requirements which are~

1. Items must be useable by anyone and everyone or by at least furries and by both genders(or have two items, one for each gender is fine)

2. The item(s) must be something that hasn't been sold in your store before

For stores that are based in malls they are allowed to join but if they do not have direct LMs to their store then they must give good easy directions to their store from where folks are forced to land.
As for the hunt its self we will provide the hunt object with the LM to the next store, hiding rules are as followed~

1. The hunt object must be hidden inside your store only

2. Hunt object must be visible, it can not be hidden inside prims or boxed in(meaning containers must be open if they are hidden in that)

3. Hunt object can be any size

4. You can have decoy hunt objects ie empty ones or ones with notecards

5. You may have more than one hunt prize hidden but please let hunters know when they land that you do

6. Hints are not required but are welcome

All in all this should be fun for the store owners as well as the hunters so be creative when hiding the prize.Hunt will kick off in December(exact date to be determined)

Please contact Kaylira either through this blog( i think you can do that) or in Secondlife(account name kaylira54) if you wish to join the hunt thanks.